The Hidden Side of World War 2

More than seventy years after the end of the world’s deadliest war, some grey areas in the different operations undertaken still remain; there are unknown facts, forgotten heroes, incredible deceptions, amazing stories of bravour, life changing decisions, without which the fate of the World would have been different.

In a 5-part series, “THE HIDDDEN SIDE OF WW2” sheds the light on stories previously untold. It starts with the D-Day, and the preparation of the attack, as a broad secret undercover operation is being staged to subdue German forces to think allies will land on North Sea beaches. Then, liberation efforts progress throughout Europe. In 1945, the public discovers the full scope of Shoah and with the horror, the need for justice prevails. But how were high ranking German officers able to escape and fly away from justice? The episodes also look into the dark secrets behind the rise of Adolph Hitler to power.

Re-colorized footage and original black and white takes are blended with interviews of prestigious scholars and historians specialized in the field. Testimonies of survivors from these epic moments help viewers put all these untold stories into context. The series has been licensed in over 90 countries to broadcaster including RTBF, History Channel Australia, ZDF Enterprises, Viasat History, etc.

List of episodes:

– The Rise of A. Hitler
– The Holocaust
– D-Day
– The Liberation
– Last Secrets of the Nazis

Episode 5

Original broadcaster


Frequency / Duration

5 x 52’ mini-series (also avail as 4x90’)


Worldwide (finished episodes)


5x52 or 4x90 minutes


France, Australia and New Zealand, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Canada, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, Poland, Belgium.

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